Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay, here is a rose design I've been playing with. I think this one turned out well. I hope you enjoy it!! I finally figured out how to load pictures up!! Be patient with me, I'm new to the whole world of blogs.


Karenee said...

Yay! You started with my favorite!

You know you can label these posts too, right? Not so needed now, perhaps, but in the future poeple will be able to search for a particular type of item if you start now. Pink/bracelet/pendant/etc... Just type the word/phrase of your choice into the skinny box at the bottom of each post.

You can also label them after publishing in the "edit posts" tab. You just check the boxes next to your chosen titles, click "label action--apply label--new" and type the label into the box that shows up. Once you've added a label you can just select it from the list. (It's worth mentioning that you may have to UNcheck boxes if you're doing more than one label.)

elizabeth said...

Hi. I think the rose design is delightful. It is good enough to remove the cat's eye as a competitive focal point and replace with something smaller and less noticeable...wire might be nice. Maybe I should get a set and work it out? What do you think? Elizabeth